What if…

..you can get on a big motorbike in Thailand, experience the stunning nature and unique riding roads of this beautiful country, and at the same time find your true self personally and professionally?


Bring your challenges in life and business with you and get them solved along the ride. Find solutions to your obstacles and find the time to be who you want to be.


If you could, would you do it?

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OK, let`s rock and roll!


An experience of a lifetime, and new insights in both your business and life. Something to remember for the rest of your life!


Thailand like few others have.. You get to ride as a group on a big bike in stunning scenery, see the most interesting sites, be one with the beautiful nature, with fresh air at unique riding roads with very little traffic. All accompanied with your own personal guide and coach.


How to solve the challenges you are facing both in business and life. We give you a tailor made course in how to cope with the challenges, teach you our proven way of teambuilding, leadership, work/life balance, time mangement and much more.


you the oportunity to; Solve your exsisting challenges, learn proven new ways of creating the best teams based on your exsisting work environment. And at the same time it gives you the oportunity to get out to see the best of Thailand together with others just like you, and with Tom as a professional accredited business coach and motorcykle explorer, who has more than 20 years of experience in doing business in a foreign country with huge cultural differences, and more than 250.000 KM on the roads of Thailand on his motorbike.


a small amount of your time to have the experience of your life, and to go back to work as a new and totally motivated person with new goals, inner peace, new way of leadership, a great team and happy employees. 


Financially, this tour expenses are fully tax deductable, as it is a learning and training-tour together with a certified coach and trainer.

What could be better than this?



Tom is a certified and accredited business and life coach, professional facilitator, contributor and solution coordinator. Tom is also a highly experienced motor bike explorer with more than 250.000 km on the road by motorbike in Thailand for the past 20 years. He knows the best routes and the best places to see, and has operated commercial motorbike tours in Thailand since 2009.

Now, we are specially invite you to join our “Ride`n Retreat Tour” and offers you to get away from your day-to-day life, get rid of stress, learn how to be the best of your abilities and to solve any issues you might have in your personal and professional life at the same time as experience Thailand the best way possible.

Contact us for dates and additional info, as we will be happy to have a chat with you. Even if you are not a bike rider… The solutions for exploring is there!! Right in front of you!

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The retreats is either 3 days and 2 nights, or 5 days and 4 nights, and we will tailor-make the whole thing for your experience and upon agreement. That’s the reason why we want to have a complimentary video chat with you to begin with it. All retreats and coaching start in Chiang Mai, and we allow only up to 8 persons on each training as a maximum.

We make these tours both private for your team, or you can join one of our group-tours.

The training and retreat itself will be at a meager cost compared to content, experience and results. We will still stay in high class, cozy and friendly hotels and the tour operator will offer new and well-maintained bike for you. All accommodations, breakfasts, lunch, bike-rent, gasoline, insurance, and coaching sessions are all included, and all participants get several sessions developing insights, improvements, reflections on life in general and business improvement. Both one-on-one and in group sessions. We will solve your challenges and make sure that you leave us with a clear future path and new and clear goals.

We usually ride around 150-250 km per day, however one day can be up to 300 km`s. We see a lot of different sights along the way and engage in deep conversations about future life and business improvements. We offer to solve any challenges you might have in your life by also engaging in confidential conversations. We promise that you will get a lot of clear thoughts and content to bring with you home after this life-changing experience.

And of course, you will get to experience the real Thailand and its stunning nature at a safe ride on a motorbike with the best explorers and tour leaders there is!

Reach out to us and book a video-chat now, then we will tell you all about it!

About the traffic in Thailand

Articles are written on the internet to discuss if it is dangerous to travel in the traffic in Thailand. This creates an incredible amount of prejudice, which is completely unnecessary considering what it`s really like. Here is an artickle written by Tom with more than 250.000 KM on the road all over Thailand, to explain a bit more on the subject.

Where do we offer to take you?

All our retreats and trainings are tailor made and optional, and we will suggest different options for you according to how many days you decide to join us.

However, we have suggestions, and there is no long days as we will need time to talk and experience sights along the way.

1. The roads to Nan

One of the top 10 motorcycle roads in the world is actually the R1148. But we also need to mention the 1081, 1256, 1333 and the 1257. If we decide to go from Chiang Mai to Nan, and choose to not go the fastest and shortest route, but go the best roads to get an enormous MC experience, the ultimate choice would be to go the R1001 to Phrao, over the mountains on R1150 and R1148 to Nan. Absolute stunning scenery and dream roads.

2. Golden Triangle and Chiang Khong

There is a reason that the road between Mae Sai Border crossing, Golden Triangle, and the small cozy city of Chiang Khong is called Paradise Road. When experience this beautiful road with excellent turns and small mountain passes and tops, you can suddenly see the view and scenery opens up in a great landscape over the mountain top. Then you will stop at the Paradise Road sign with great view just 23 KM before the city of Chiang Khong. Absolutely stunning!

3. Doi Mae Salong

From Chiang Mai and straight North, we would definitely go to Doi Mae Salong. Beautiful stunning scenery along tea farms and flower gardens. Great roads through small villages. A must see in North Thailand!

4. Phu Chi Fha

The road from Nan to Phu Chi Fha is a stunning mountain road with an incredible view. To stay in cosy Phu Chi Fha Mountains overnight is an experience of a lifetime, sleeping in bungalows or tents and enjoy the real northern Thailand cuisine watching the sunset.

5. Phu Tubberk in Petchabun province

The greatest view in Thailand at more than 1600 meter above sea level is something very few has gotten to experience. Join the local tourists making bonfires and socialising in the evenings. This tour is made on special occations and upon request.

6. The Mae Hong Son Loop – The Tribal Run..

The famous Mae Hong Son Loop starting in Chiang Mai and going through the hippie village Pai, to the Chinese village Ban Rak Thai, and the small cozy city of Mae Hong Son, down to Mae Sariang. The experience of a lifetime with more than 2200 turns and mountain crossings in stunning scenery. A 4 or 5 day ride and something we recommend strongly.