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If you are planning to come and ride in Thailand on a big bike, i recommend you to go along with the professionals.

Yes, i have routes and information to share with you, but remember that you need to follow certain unwritten rules when riding in Thailand. And if something unforseen should happen, it`s always best to have some English speaking locals around to help. Also to find the right hotels, gas stations, the right places to stop for the nicest scenery and sights, how to get around when there are only Thai language to be spoken, you will be in need of someone professional to present.

I know the perfect places to book an all included MC tour in Thailand! Please contact me for more info.

Travel History

It started long before this blog, in 2003 in Pattaya, and riding with my friends areound 250.000 KM. After 4 years of no riding from 2016 to 2020, i was back in the saddle with a new bike, new blog and new adventures to come.

Since February 2020, i have already been on:

Ride days




My next adventure

Helping out Big Bike Tours in Chiang Mai now, as the leading motorcycle tour company in Thailand and Asia.
I will function as both a “jumper” and a tour leader on some of their international tours, and of course also ride my own private tours in Thailand in the years to come.
Next planned tour is my private route from Chiang Mai to Bangkok to firstly see Coldplay Live. Then over to Kanchanaburi, Khao Yai National Park, Khon Ken, Udon Thani, Loei, Phu Tubberk and then back to Nong Khai and Vientiane. Then back to Chiang Mai. 14 days from 2 – 16 February 2024.
Then we are making the Philippine Loop from 31st March to 18 April 2024 – a 21 Day adventure covering the most of the Philipines. That is an awsome route planned to the detail by myself, and to be sold through Big Bike Tours later on.
Follow my tracking: https://mcexplorer.net/live/

Tom, about the traffic in Thailand

Articles are written up and down the internet to discuss how dangerous it is to travel in the traffic in Thailand. This creates an incredible amount of prejudice, which is completely unnecessary considering what it`s really like.

My recent tours

On my recent tours, i have been visited these places. You will find them in my blog page.

13 days on the road June 2021 – The first 7

7 days on the road with Youngie and Peter

Doi Mae Salong Thailand – 4 day tour with Dag and Lek.

My Highlights

All my videos, you will find on my YouTube channel, but some highlights will be posted here.

Tom`s Top 10 Sites to See

1. Chiang Mai to Nan

One of the top 10 motorcycle roads in the world is actually the R1148. But we also need to mention the 1081, 1256, 1333 and the 1257. If you decide to go from Chiang Mai to Nan, and choose to not go the fastest and shortest route, but go the best roads to get an enormous MC experience, the ultimate choice would be to ride the R1001 to Phrao, over the mountains on R1150 and R1148 to Nan. The total ride is about 460 KM. Absoulute stunning scenery and dream roads to ride.

2. GT – Chiang Khong

There is a reason that the road between Mae Sai Border crossing, Golden Triangle and the small cozy city of Chiang Khong is called Paradise Road. When riding at this beautiful road with exellent turns and small mountain passes and tops, you can suddenly see the view and scenery opens up in a great landscape when you are riding over the mountain top. Then you will stop at the Paradise Road sign with great view just 23 KM before the city of Chiang Khong. Absolutely stunning!

3. Doi Mae Salong/Doi Ankhang

If you ride from Chiang Mai and want to go further North, pass Chiang Rai and all the way to the border crossing to Myanmar to Mae Sai, you definetely should ride to Doi Ankhang, who is a small detour on only about 20 km one way, then also top the mountain of Doi Mae Salong. Betutiful stunning scenery, great roads through small villages and tea farms. A must see in North Thailand!

Travel Gallery

This is some of the photos in my gallery