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..you could experience most of what the Philippines has to offer in just ONE ride?


A 21 Day Loop of the Philippines covering 6 islands and most of what Philippines has to offer.

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An experience of a lifetime, and be able to do what others have tried and failed to do. Something to remember for the rest of your life! In addition to riding most of what the Philippines has to offer in 21 days..


The Philippines like few others have.. You get to ride as a group on a big bike in stunning scenery, see the most interesting sites, be one with the beautiful nature, see the stunning beaches and mountains of the Philippines. All accompanied with your own personal tour-leader and coach.


How to deal with cultural differences in a world of positive people. How to enjoy the easy way of life without thinking of anything else than soaking in the environment and ride your motorbike on winding roads.


you the oportunity to; Be mindful of your life and see it with different eyes, learn how to easier solve your exsisting challenges. And at the same time it gives you the oportunity to get out to see the best of the Philippines together with others just like you, and with me as a professional accredited business coach and motorcykle explorer, who has more than 20 years of experience in doing business in a foreign country with huge cultural differences, and more than 300.000 KM on the roads in Asia on my motorbike.


a small amount of your time to have the experience of your life, and to go back to work as a new and totally motivated person with new goals, inner peace, and a new mindset.


If you are a business leader, financially this tour expenses are fully tax deductable, as it is a learning and training-tour together with a certified coach and trainer.

What could be better than that?


 – 21 Day Ultimate Philippine Loop –

As a travel consultant for Big Bike Tours, I was asked to make an exceptional tour in the Philippines.

Travelling in a country with 7,000 islands is very challenging, and with a motorbike it is even more challenging with ferries to cross through the biggest islands. After more than 200 hours of research online, and the first 21-day motorcycle adventure in April 2024, leading 14 bikes that showcased the best of the country, then returning to the drawing board to make sure the tour was adjusted to be 100%, I can proudly say that together with my Philippine partners I managed to make a tour no-one else has ever managed to fulfill. Now, as the first motorcycle adventure companies to create southern and northern loops through the Philippines, both I personally in cooperation with Philippine Moto Tours and Big Bike Tours now provides an unparalleled experience that covers both well-known and hidden gems across the largest islands.

The Philippines offers diverse landscapes and cultures, and our tour makes the most of it. We navigate through the most beautiful and remote places, ensuring you see the Philippines in a way no international bike riders ever have. The logistical challenges of traveling between islands on motorcycles add to the excitement, but we’ve designed our tours with short daily rides to maximize your experience and account for potential delays in ferry schedules.

Our rides range from 100 km to 280 km per day, with three rest days to relax and enjoy beach life and some luxury. The first rest day will be on the famous island of Cebu, the second on the picturesque Boracay, and the last in the vibrant nightlife city of Angeles.

Join us for an unforgettable adventure! Send us a message to discuss further details, and we will organize your unique motorcycle tour in the Philippines. No one else offers such a comprehensive and leisurely experience like we do!

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Day 1. Arrival in Manila

We are all flying into Manila and to a nice hotel in the Makati area overnight before the tour starts. We meet at the famous biker place, “Handlebar” for dinner and drinks in the evening.

Day 2. Manila – Atimonan (186 km)

We start our engines at 08:30 AM and we ride out of Manila on the inner roads, through the well-known Zig-Zag Mountain and down to the coastline. We will have the first overnight in Atimonan about 165 KM south of Manila, where we have found a hidden beach and resort near the ocean and with swimming pool. We eat dinner at a local restaurant together near the hotel.

Day 3. Atimonan – Naga (269 km)

Still riding south, exploring the Philippine rural life along the way. Visiting Malatap Falls, for a refreshing swim in the waterfall for those who feel like it, then continue to the coastline for lunch, and then pass Bicol National park with curvy mountain roads ending the day in a very nice hotel in the city of Naga just next to a big shopping mall. Many nice restaurants to choose from for dinner.

Day 4. Naga – Masbate (212 km)

We will ride the east coastline and visit the Mayon Volcano Natural Park, then finalize the Philippines biggest island of Luzon and take the ferry over to the small island of Masbate. Exploring new grounds and a special small island where we stay on a nice resort by the ocean.

Day 5. Masbate – Cebu (128 km)

We start riding the rest of the small Masbate Island and take the ferry in the afternoon with an overnight on the ferry to the well know Island of Cebu. Here we will ride a loop before ending in Cebu City and stay in a very nice hotel near the bars and restaurants and the nightlife that Cebu has to offer.

Day 6. Cebu – Cebu Loop (178 km)

We ride the west-coastline and cross over to the east coast, then over a nice mountain to visit a huge viewpoint and a cathedral on the mountain top. Arrive in Cebu City and stay in a very nice hotel near the bars and restaurants and the nightlife that Cebu has to offer.

Day 7. Rest Day in Cebu City

Cebu has a lot to offer. You can go on a boat ride, snorkeling, dive with whale sharks or take a sightseeing day-tour of your choice, or you can just relax by the pool in the hotel, or go shopping. Today it`s all up to you.

Day 8. Cebu – Dumaguete (227 km)

Crossing through Cebu east coastal road and the scenery that has to offer, eat lunch in a fashionable local restaurant and end the day on a short ferry ride over to the city of Dumaguete on the island of Negros. The ferry ride is around 1 hour. We stay in the heart of Dumaguete city, a city that has a lot to offer. We are now at the Island of Negros.

Day 9. Dumaguete – Bacolod (246 km)

We are riding the full length of the island of Negros on the west coast and over the mountain to the city of Bacolod. Negros has some of the best roads in the Philippines with little traffic and great coastline and mountains. We stop at many great scenic places and eat our lunch at a scenic mountain restaurant near the pinewood forest. After lunch, it is only around 2 hours ride into the city of Bacolod where we can relax, look around the city and spend the night.

Day 10. Bacolod – Roxas City (178 km)

We start the day with the ferry ride to the island of Panay, then crossing the island on rural roads to Roxas City. In Roxas, you will not meet many foreigners, and you will experience the greatest seafood the island has to offer. We eat our dinner on a famous seafood restaurant by the ocean.

Day 11. Roxas City – Boracay (152 km)

We ride on inner roads, near the coastline up to Caticlan where we park our bikes and take a short 15-minute ferry ride over to the stunning island of Boracay to stay for 2 nights and experience nightlife and beaches. Boracay is one of the most popular tourist islands in the Philippines, and has everything an island can offer. We stay in a nice beach hotel for 2 nights.

Day 12. Rest Day on Boracay

Rest day on Boracay Island, and you are free to explore the island, take a boat trip to smaller islands in the area with snorkeling and swimming, or you can rent a water scooter, go parashooting, banana boating or water skiing, or just relax on the beach or in one of the many beach clubs.

Day 13. Boracay – Roxas Port (Mindoro)

We take the 15-minute ferry back to the bikes and start our journey with another ferry ride. And this day, the longest one that takes 4 hours. On the other side, on the island of Mindoro, we stay by the cost in a nice resort after just a short ride around 10 km from the ferry entry point. We eat our dinner at the resort.

Day 14. Roxas Port – Puerto Galera (170 km)

Like we didn’t get enough beaches, we will ride through stunning places, crossing the whole island of Mindoro in one day and ending up in Puerto Galera on Sabang Beach. A popular small place by the beach with narrow streets and many nice western restaurants and bars.

Day 15. Puerto Galera – Calapan – Angeles City (250 km)

Today we will ride through a perfect mountain road back to Calapan port we will take our last ferry and cross over from Mindoro Island to Batangas, around 70 km from Manila again, and ride straight through Manila on the highway north to Angeles city. Angeles is the biggest party city in the Philippines, and it`s time for some real luxury. We will stay at the famous 5-star hotel, ABC Hotel with the greatest service in the world, a beach club on the roof, and free transport service anywhere you want to go during your stay. ABC provides some of the most exclusive rooms and just living in ABC is an experience you do not get anywhere else. We will spend two nights in the Angeles and ABC hotel.

Day 16. Rest Day in Angeles City

Today, you can join a day-time swimming party in our own private cabana on the rooftop beach club of the ABC Hotel, you can go to see some of the things Angeles has to offer, or just chill by the downstairs pool. Room service and luxury, free transport and many options makes this day everything you want it to be.

Day 17. Angeles City – Baguio (180 km)

We start the day as a transport day on the tollway for around 120 km, and then ride up to stunning views to the mountain-city of Baguio. This is a city like no city you have ever seen and experienced before. We will leave the scenery to your surprise, and spend 2 nights in the same hotel here. Dinner at a local restaurant together in the evening.

Day 18. Baguio Mountain Loop (170 km)

We ride to Mount Pulag, the highest peak in the Philippines on some of the curviest mountain roads you will ever experience. A must-ride for motorcycle riders. You will see some stunning views and places along the way, and we will visit many tourist attractions in the mountain. We make a loop and go back to Baguio in the afternoon.

Day 19. Baguio – Poblacion (250 km)

We ride on yet another stunning curvy mountain roads from Baguio over the mountains down to a small city of Poblacion. We stay at a nice resort just outside the city in nature environment, and have dinner together at the resort. This is our last evening on the tour before we head back to Manila and Makati again tomorrow morning.

Day 20. Poblacion – Manila (280 km)

If you thought the mountain roads, stunning views and curvy roads was over, you were wrong. The first lap of this day is over the mountain of Malico on endless curvy mountain roads again. Then the last leg back to Manila and Makati on the tollway and we stay overnight at the same hotel as we started. We also meet up where we started, in the “Handlebar” in the evening for a farewell dinner and small party.

Day 21. Manila, Departure

Today, you leave for the airport, or stay a few days more in Manila. The choice is yours.
End of Tour