The tribal run...

The 5 day loop from Chiang Mai on some of the greatest riding-roads ever made.


Bring your challenges in life and business with you and get them solved along the ride. Find solutions to your obstacles and find the time to be who you want to be.


Create memories of a lifetime!

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The tribal run…

The tribal run is a 5 day experience with mountain roads through the most famous places for motorbike riders in Thailand. Some call it “The Mae Hong Son Loop”, but we have added more to this route than just riding and seeing the sights.

Here is the full itinerary for these 5 days, only with some great surprises not mentioned.

Day 1. Chiang Mai to Mae Sariang (270 KM)

Remember that in our tours, we start early in the morning after breakfast and we arrive back in Chiang Mai after ended tour in the afternoon, so you might need a total of 6 nights on this whole trip. The bike ride is 5 days and 4 nights in total. Day 1 is our longest ride-day on this tour.

After you arrive and spend a night in Chiang Mai, we will start our day just after breakfast with a ride up to Thailand`s highest peak, Doi Inthanon. We will experience to see some of the great temples built for the old king and queen of Thailand and one of Thailand’s most popular waterfalls.

On the top of the 2565 meter high mountain, we will have our first coaching session to get to know each-other and to create awareness of your challenges if any.

After this visit, we will ride to the small town of Mae Sariang, where we will stay at a hotel on the riverside for the night. The afternoon is used to get additional information on the rest of the tour, and our guide will inform you anything you might need to know about the Northern Part of Thailand. Followed by a nice dinner in this cosy town.

Day 2. Mae Sariang to Baan Rai Thai (165 KM)

The morning starts with breakfast by the river. After breakfast, we will have a short coaching session for approx 1 hour, before we get changed into our riding gear and checked out from the hotel.

We start the ride to Mae Hong Son, and we will stop at scenic places and tribal villages along the way. In our several rest-stops, we will have short one-on-one coaching available for the participants, talking about business and life in general, building trust to co-workers and other interesting topics.

When we reach Mae Hong Son, we will stay in a nice hotel in the middle of the small town, and we will engage in a dinner together.

Day 3. Mae Hong Son to Baan Rak Thai. (50 KM)

This day is a very short ride to a Chinese inspired village of Baan Rak Thai (Means; Village that loves Thai). It is a very small but stunning village around a lake, just at the Myanmar Border all built in Chinese style. First, we will spend the time until after lunch, looking around the village and meet some of the locals, have lunch at a great Chinese restaurant by the lake before entering the place that we will stay until the morning after.

We will stay all together in a huge villa with several bedrooms available, and we will have the longest coaching and team-building session on the tour. Your coach will use the notes of your shared challenges and needs from all of you, and all the topics that you chose to be confidential, will of course be just that.

All topics of all participants will be dealt with in a professional way. We will have time for one-on-one coaching with all of you, and create fun and useful mind-games together to understand better the way of working in teams. We will also learn about working together with foreign staff and the challenges that the cultural differences gives us. We will make dinner together and have small competitions in how to solve different problems created. We will spend the evening together engaging in everyone’s life and challenges for those who are comfortable to share. The rest can just be listening, and we will guarantee you many great stories this evening.

Day 4. Baan Rak Thai to Pai (120 KM)

Now the real motorbike challenges comes. You will ride over several mountains with unimaginable turns in beautiful nature. But don`t be alarmed, as we have all the time in the world to conquer these great roads. The total distance takes about 3 hours at the most for an experience ride, and if we spend up to 5, it`s still no worry about time. We will stop at scenic points, noodle shops with stunning view, visit a beutiful cave and more.

Pai, is a small hippe-like village that attracts a lot of tourists. Mostly back-packers from all over the world. Pai has it`s own walking street market with a lot of souvenirs, craftsmanship, clothes and so on, and a lot of small cosy bars and restaurants. Pai is truly a special place to visit, and we know you are going to love it here.

After we arrive in Pai, we will gather around the swimming pool for coaching and fun. Competitions and learning for all. Your guide will tell you more about the town, and in the early evening, we will hit the walking street together having dinner and drinks.

Day 5. Pai to Chiang Mai (130 KM)

We are ready for our first late start on our way back to Chiang Mai and we will be having breakfast at 9 this morning, and then engage in our last coaching session before we check out from the hotel about 12. 

Today’s coaching sessions will be about you and what you experienced on this tour, what you learned and how you can implement the learning into your work and life in general . We will have all your questions answered, and for those who wants more, we can book time with your coach after the arrival in Chiang Mai as well.

The roads back to Chiang Mai is also over stunning mountains for the first 90 KM, then it will come down to the outskirts of Chiang Mai and lead you back to the hotel of origin where the tour started 5 days ago in the afternoon.