13 days and 3 group rides in one….

First – BigBike Tours & Friends ride, then The Border Adventure Tour

An article by: Tom Stenshavn

A big group of 14 bikes started from Chiang Mai, and little did I know that it was going to be an adventure like never before.
At the first stop, I felt that something wasn’t right with my bike, and at the second stop we found out that the back tire was leaking from a plug I put in before… I thought I changed that tire already, but NO!
We plugged it again, but after 50 km it fell out and I had a flat. We were I the middle of nowhere on route 1148 so we had no choice other than plug it again. Then it popped out again and the 4th time it happened we were 40 km from Nan where we were going to stay. I gave up, and just sat down with chao to take a beer and think…
The roadside noodle and beer guy of course had a family pick up and offered us to take the bike to nan city for us.
We loaded the bike on the truck and of course half way there he ran out of diesel..
After 30 minutes we got diesel but the truck wouldn’t start… Battery was getting low and I thought, ok. I’m going to stay here until night time. But no…
On the last bit of battery it started and we got to the tire shop, bought a new tire and was at the hotel at 6pm.
What a great day on the road! 😃
Stole the video from Youngie
Border Adventure Tour Day 2:
3 of us left the big group and continued our adventure that we call our ‘Border Adventure’ as we are following the borders as close as possible…
Todays route was simply so fantastic that it has to be shared with video, as photos is not enough.
I also post the route map. This has to be on everyone’s bucket list…
Nan, via Boklua south to Pua.
What a great video. Thanks Youngie
Border Adventure Tour Day 3:
I am afraid that I’m repeating myself, but nothing can beat riding in the northern part of Thailand in my opinion. I just don’t get enough of it.
This is day 3 on this tour, and since my last post we have done the northern Boklua loop before heading up the mountains to Phu Chi Fha.
We stayed at the top with a incredible view. Big bungalows with a restaurant at the viewpoint that we had all by our self all evening.
The next morning was a bit foggy as I was up very early, I wanted to fly the drone to make some video shoot of the view. Crashed the drone into the only tree on site, but we found it and it survived. Only a broken propeller at a 30 meter fall.
Time to get on the road again and head towards the next destination….
More to come..
Thanks to John for the video
Day 4 of our Border Adventure tour. Riding from Pua via the north loop of Boklua and to the mountains of Phu Chi Fha.
John’s video says it all…
Day 5 and 6 of the Border adventure. Doi Mae Salong to Pai, Pai to Mae Sariang Via Baan Rak Thai and Mae Hong Son. 
Nice video from Youngie
Day 7 and the last day of the Border Adventure Tour for youngie and me. The rest of the guys go on further south, while we go to meet Thore in sukhotai for a charity run back to Mae Hong Son.
Last video from Youngie