Work and business in Thailand – An article serie

(Part 2)

By: Tom Stenshavn


Either we listen to Main Stream Media or choose to belive the more open and free spoken newslines, we are still all in the same situations with the ongoing pandemic. There is not much we can do than follow the rules and regulations from our governments.

But even if our business is affected a lot, just a little or actually not at all, we need to think about the future.
Both to grow our business, to be in front with new ideas, and to think about the way our business is going forward.
If you are a leader or just an employee, our workplace is a pleace we need to feel good about being. If not, we will not deliver our best and be able to grow and go forward.

We need to ask ourselves:
– Can i do something more to feel really good about going to work every day?
– Can i do something that will have a positive impact on the people around me at work?
– Can i be of influence to the company more than i am today?

If one of these questions is YES, it is time to start planning the future better.

For those of you without work, waiting on borders to open and business to come back, try to enjoy the life you have today. Not only sit at home and think negative thoughs about what COULD happen in the future.
The future will come, no matter what and when, and you WILL be a part of it!

Tom Stenshavn