Article by: Tom Stenshavn


I think that I’m tired! Tired of searching online, trying to understand the different information that is being shared. Tired of getting the puzzle pieces I find to fit together, tired of finding meaning in everything that happens in the world.

I understand a little more of what happens mentally to all of us, after reading about the concept of “Double Thinking”. It is a form of confusion and domination technique used to make us do what is desired.

Let`s break that down to what’s happening these days:

1. COVID19:

Covid19 is a type of flu that belongs to the Corona family. It is not new and it is recognized from before. Strangely enough they have not managed to isolate the virus itself as far as I know. No one still knows where it comes from, but if you read other news than what is published by MSM, you understand that it is fabricated and set out on purpose. I will get back to what I see as the purpose a bit later…

Covid19 is not at all dangerous for most of us. The oldest and those with serious underlying diseases though, can have a serious course as well as some exceptions otherwise. This goes for mostly ALL of the viruses we have today. One theory is that it may have to do with low vitamin D levels in the body. I’m not a doctor so cannot verify this, but statistics show that the risk of dying from Covid19 is about 0,1% for the vast majority. One example is Norway, which in 2020 had an under-mortality rate of 337 people compared with previous years. I think this is strange considering that we live in a so-called PANDEMIC! It is also known that there are several medicines who is helpful as treatments to those who gets sick, but the world leaders will not verify it. Why do you think that is? Maybe we should ask Mr. Fauci himself? Please take a look at where he has put his investments the last decades….

One day we hear that the infection rates have gone down, but then the next day MSM reports that there are several mutated life-threatening viruses out there. One day it is said that we can reopen society, the next it is said that we cannot open. We are tossed back and forth constantly! This way of confusing people makes most of us run around like headless chickens! But remember that the truth will come out one day. That is the day we can discuss who was right. I’m not interested in a discussion on this right now, but I feel I need to share my beliefs with you, so some of you have the opportunity to maybe start read some news other than what you’ll be served by MSM.


The Covid19 Infection is based on a test that does not show what it is supposed to. The man who invented this has said himself that it was NEVER intended to find infection / disease in this way. The term infection is also used differently. The scholars in medicine distinguish between infected and sick persons. Most authorities do not! Ergo, we get numbers that don`t reflect reality at all!

Reality also shows us that the gloomy figures presented at the beginning of the Covid19 phase have fortunately not materialized. We have not blown up the capacity of hospitals, never had lack of respirators, never experienced mass deaths etc. And in addition to this, there are no figures for “ordinary” flu anymore. Everything is registered as Covid19. Isn’t that a little strange?

The death figures shown have NOTHING to do with the cause of death from Covid19. The death toll shows how many people have died with the infection present in their bodies, not deaths by Covid19 directly. So the figures are fabricated so it will look like Covid19 is a deadly virus. It is not! The death toll worldwide is not higher than normal and not higher than in the years before Covid19 was a so-called pandemic.

I will give an example on how they register the Covid19 death numbers in the US and UK: «Someone could be successfully treated for Covid19, say in april, discharged, and then in june, get run over by a bus and die. That person would still be counted as a covid death in England.» – BBC News 


The authorities are talking hotly about vaccines. They say that vaccines will save us all and give us a normal life again. That will not happen!

As far as we know today, the vaccines are basically more dangerous than the virus itself. It has not been tested properly and no one knows the outcome for those who are vaccinated. That will take years! In addition, it does not prevent us from being contagious, it does not prevent us from getting sick ourselves, but can POSSIBLY reduce the disease somewhat. That’s what we KNOW! But there is much more we do not know… watch this video so you understand better: The truth about the Covid19 vaccine

Vaccination pass: Here too the debate goes back and forth. Yes, one day, no the next day. I struggle to believe other than that we will eventually be forced to take the vaccine. That would be a violation of human rights, but just wait! If people resist the vaccine, it will be mandatory. Then they most likely kill more of us than they help…. The mortality rate for the vaccine is so far much higher than the virus itself, and can reach as high as 6%.

Another thing is, why is there no open and honest debate about the deaths and side effects of the vaccine itself? Is “someone” afraid that fewer people will be vaccinated if they get to know the truth? Had the authorities been sure that the vaccine was really good, would they not shared everything without hesitation?

Why have the vaccine manufacturers already secured legal exemption for any injuries and deaths caused by the vaccine? Do they not themselves think it is safe?


Here, many professionals have had different opinions about advantages and disadvantages. Those who are against receive scathing criticism. Now you see face masks thrown everywhere. They should be classified as “infectious waste”, right? But, no they are not!

In the beginning of the pandemic around April 2020, several doctors went public and said that masks are not to be used long term. It can cause airways to block the oxygen intake, and it collects un-healthy bacteria around the mouth and nose. Suddenly now it is changed. In many places masks are now mandatory and some even say that we should wear 2 mask at the time. Why this sudden change? Was it a lie was what said before about the unhealthyness of using masks? No, i don`t think so!

It has already been established that the infection possibility does not get much lower when using masks. It has also been found that the mask carries with it other bacteria and viruses and that it blocks the airways so that it can cause problems with the lungs when used for too long at a time. In addition, they go mandatory mask use laws. There is no logic in mask usage.


The consequences of having the countries shut down for so long have hit most countries hard! There is no doubt about that. On a personal level, it is a huge crisis for many people. Both mentally, physically, financially and socially. People are deprived of a normal life and young people are struggling to get a normal education. Businesses and individuals go bankrupt all over the world and violence in society increases in line with frustrations. This is just a small part of the list… The choices made absolutely affects EVERYONE.

The meaning of this has already been revealed, and it is not because of Covid19 that this is happening. Covid19 is just a tool used to get the general public to accept what happens when they run a total restart of the world economy. They call this “The Great Reset”!

This is the real plan from the first moment, when the new world-power elite will enter to rule the whole world. And what a perfect way to do this, it is!

MSM media is also ruled by this world-power elite. They spread all the news about closure, infection rates that swing back and forth, the so-called high mortality and death rates, infected rates etc. If you tell a lie repeatedly enough, people start believing it no matter what it is! Look how they also suddenly spread news about new mutant viruses every time the infection rates go down… Strange that this has such a clear «timing», right?

My question is: Where is the critical journalism? Where are the questions, the debates with professionals? Where are the doctors and infection control experts and psychologists? Where are the other politicians and everyone else who SHOULD have been in a debate … from both “sides” ?? If there are counter-perceptions against this, it will be censored away by MSM and High Teck Social media channels immediately. Didn`t we see that when they started censoring the Trump delegation? What right did they have to do that?


  • World Economic Forum (WEF)
  • World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • United Nations (UN)
  • Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
  • Biden/Harris Delegation
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Moderna
  • CanSino Biologics
  • Inovio.
  • Sinovac.
  • BioNTech, Pfizer
  • Univ. of Oxford, AstraZeneca
  • Sinopharm, Beijing Institute
  • Novavax

And more….

You can see more about who is involved in the WEF HERE!

Those who participate in this are many of our governments and their leaders, big tech, bio tech and the big organisations that it all started with a long time ago. It all started with World Economic Forum as this is a well-established plan for a new world order called the “Great Reset”. Several personalities we know are involved in this, as well as large companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and of course the pharmaceutical industry that make billions on this. World leaders like Biden / Harris are involved and of course China is one of the countries behind this. Many could probably have written an entire book about this, and that book will probably come after we have received this as a truth, and not a “conspiracy theory” as doubters and followers of MSM call everyone who does not believe what they get served by MSM.

The public should immediately know the various decisions have been made by the authorities. But everything is kept a secret. Nothing is to be shared. Do we not live in a democracy? What about the right to know?  Who has decided that those who ask critical questions are not entitled to real answers?

Why is it legal to label everyone who is asking critical questions, defining them as conspiracy theorists? By the way, check where that word comes from!

In democracies, one of the benefits is the right to ask questions, not just listen blindly!

Since the reality has turned out to be totally different from what was predicted by the authorities regarding Covid-19, I cannot accept that it will be necessary to expose myself to a so-called vaccine with currently unknown effect and side effects both short-term and long term. An oral solution that at best gives me a mild course of illness IF I become infected and ill. None of the manufacturers will give me any guarantee that this vaccine is effective and harmless.

Is it OK to accept that the government first says that the elders MUST be vaccinated to save lives, and then be told that many of the elders died from the vaccine. But this is dismissed by the fact that they were frail! It was the same argument that was used to GIVE the vaccine!?

Is it OK to accept that we should all be intimidated into obedience! And this without getting honest explanations of what is happening!?

Is it OK to accept that vaccine passports should be proof of “obedience”, and that it should give me some kind of benefits and freedom that I am entitled to anyway!?

Is it OK to accept that so many people are suffering, that companies are collapsing, that so many are struggling!?

We must stand up to fight this now! Demand the truth! If not, we will all lose our freedom and never have the opportunity to take it back. It is WE, the people who become all the losers in this race and the so-called 1% of the population who are the today world leaders in this who will become the only winners!


Many of the videos that i have been watching is now removed from YouTube as a claim that they are violating YouTube`s community guidelines. This is of course not right, as YouTube remove them as they contain truth about what`s going on!

I will also share a post from Helge Aspevik`s Facebook Page. Feel free to read this and download the books:

George Soros from WEF: “I will lead a global government for the new world order”

People need to open their eyes and realize that this is bloody serious, BEFORE it’s too late!

Many claim that Covid-19 is the big zero for the leaders of the World Economic Forum. The goal is to introduce a new world order, and a while ago the whole world shouted about conspiracy when someone pointed out what the World Economic Forum was about. Now everything is public, and there is no longer any conspiracy theory. It is a carefully thought out plan that has been worked on for many decades.

The social we had, the freedom we had is undesirable. The World Economic Forum does not want us to have freedom. Democracy is destructive, it is claimed. This must be reset and this freedom must be taken away. People are so naive that they just think they are taking the vaccine, then we will get our lives back …. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. It’s all just a big lie!

The World Economic Forum does not have the slightest objection to taking away your freedom forever, that is exactly the plan.

Klaus Schwab says this: – “Many people wonder when we can return to normal again. The short answer is: Never!”.

In his new book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset”, Klaus Schwab says: – “Things will never return to normal again, capitalism will change form and we will have completely new ownership structures when it comes to private and public property. To the word private, that’s what YOU own. – “No one should own anything, he says, and everyone will be happy.” What do you think that means? What happens to your house, your property and everything that you own? The World Economic Forum is preparing to take this over completely.

“Nothing will ever return to the ‘broken’ sense of normality that prevailed before the crisis because the coronavirus pandemic marks a fundamental turning point in our global trajectory. The world as we knew it in the first months of 2020 is no more, it is dissolved in context. These are radical changes of such a consequence that some experts have referred to a “before coronavirus” (BC) and “after coronavirus” (AC) time. We will continue to be amazed at both the speed and the unexpected nature to these changes – when they merge, they will provoke second-, third-, fourth- and order-consequences, cascade effects and unforeseen outcomes, thus forming a “new normal”, radically different from the one we will gradually leave behind. Many of our beliefs and assumptions about what the world can or should look like will be shattered in the process. “

So this so-called pandemic does not exist, and that is why the death toll is identical to the flu. You’re all being lied to! This is just part of a plan, a crisis that has been planned since the early seventies.

All politics that you know will go away, it will be smashed. The same goes for the world economy, including your economy. There should be no return. Therefore, they have continued “lockdown” and it is not about a virus at all. The economy and jobs, yes the whole society must be destroyed first and then built up from the ashes. All opposition must be censored away, the people have no right to protest and no right to control their own lives anymore.

Schwab is aware that this destruction of the world economy will cause great pain to the people, but he tells politicians that they must be willing to do so, and they must crack down on any resistance and unrest. Just look at how the authorities are actually beating demonstrators down in Europe. We must therefore be completely cowed and we must submit.

Schwab warns politicians against loosening restrictions. He encourages them to just run on with the lockdown, no matter what opposition they may face. He “claims” that this is necessary because of the “pandemic”, but it is 100 percent unlikely now that he is revealing his actual plans. Science cannot find a single piece of evidence that Covid19 actually exists, and the researchers who mention this are banned from social media. People should not know about this. The coronavirus, which is a common flu virus, disappeared the same night Covid19 appeared. Who is behind this, I wonder, the same people who control MSM and all other fact checkers who have the task of censoring away all opposition?

The World Economic Forum consists of the richest people on Earth and the largest multinational companies in the world. They will take over everything you own and have, and then they will “show responsibility” and manage things for you. These companies in the World Economic Forum will take over much larger shares of society’s values ​​and be responsible for managing them “for the good of the people”, as stated in the book. You should no longer decide what is best for you. You have NOTHING to say anymore!

The World Economic Forum will not only govern all the economy in the world, but they will also actively work to govern politics and society according to their interests. Everything must be arranged for 1 per cent of the world’s population, and 99 per cent must submit to these completely. In 2016, this project was called the “Global Redesign Initiative”.

Based on other books written earlier, including the book of “Club of Rome” where many of these leaders in this forum come from, a book was published in 1972 called “The Limits to Growth”. The book’s main scenario predicts a global collapse in the population and the economy around the year 2010. Had it not been for the World Economic Forum, this would not have been a topic once today.

This book, “The Limits to Growth”, comes with a number of solutions, and first of all, it is clear from the book, democracy is the worst system that exists. Everything that Klaus Schwab tells is recorded in this book. One must not only compete with China, but one must surpass them completely.

“Winston Churchill was right when he quipped,” democracy is the worst of all systems, except for the rest, “yet we must be aware of its erosion, its fragility and its limitations.” (Page 82 in the book)

You can download the PDF of the book here!

Several leaders in this system have publicly stated that China is doing the right thing. They do not have democracy, but dictatorship. It is this model that one should now try to copy.

A new world order. The New World order has been the goal of the World Economic Forum for many decades. Then with themselves in the management. Even old George Soros, who helped the Nazis during World War II, has claimed in a newspaper that he is the right person to lead this world order, which I wrote at the beginning.


http: // … / …

THIS ARTICLE explains why he spends so much money on activists and on media censorship. Schwab also believes that it is political suicide and a form of social Darwinism for leaders to question lockdown, and it is precisely this resistance that is now being censored all over the world. All governments are going away, and so is our royal house.

The new book by the leader of WEF is sold on Amazon, and the book is described as a great experience. Furthermore, it is stated in the review of the book:

“COVID-19: The Great Reset” is a guide for anyone who wants to understand how COVID-19 disrupted our social and economic systems, and what changes are needed to create a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world going forward. Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, and Thierry Malleret, founder of the Monthly Barometer, examine the causes of this crisis and why they lead to a need for a major reset, yet hopeful analysis. COVID-19 has created a major disruptive reset of our global social, economic and political systems. But human power lies in being far-sighted and having the ingenuity, at least to some degree, to take fate into one’s own hands and plan for a better future. That’s the purpose of this book. “

The book can be downloaded for free here: