Just a new tour to meet friends – North Thailand Feb 2021

An article by: Tom Stenshavn

There was a quick desition when Helge and Giggi decided to head North. I am in the middle of my studies, but have now stayed home studying for more than a month, so it was time to get the riding booths on again. 

I headed out from Chiang Mai on Friday 19th Feb together with Youngie and we went to a small cafe half way to Nan after Helge came from the Sirikit Dam Ferry to meet them. Perfect timing as we were there 10 minutes after them. Had a miserable lunch as they didnt have a clue how to cook there, but kept our calm and rode to get a beer in Nan.

Nan is always full of local tourists in the weekends, so we needed to stay at a new location, but we found a nice hotel and was more than happy after a good meal, some beers and some rest and looking forward to the great ride to Chiang Khong over the famous route 1148 and 1155. Wee in Chiang Khong, we checked in to yet a new location and that hotel was really great with good prices. After yet a few beers and a great dinner at Rin Bar, we were off to dream about our ride to Chiang Rai the day after through Paradise Road, Golden Triangle and a visit to Tham Luang Cave where the Chiang Rai Football team was trappen while the whole world was watching the resque. 14 days in a cave without food has to be some experience.

After a party-night in quiet Chiang Rai, we headed to Phrae and stayed at the Phoomthai Garden Hotel, just next to our biker friends that we had many drinks with during the night. The last night of our tour following Helge and Giggi and only about 2-3 hours home to Chiang Mai the last day.