A learning process!

Article by: Tom Stenshavn

One year ago I was tired and unmotivated as a leader and quit my job.

I had made a plan to change my life for the better and to use at least a year for future studies. Then i quickly realized that I needed help both with input on how, and also needed someone to spar with in the process.

When I met up with Hågen Haugrønningen , this fell into place.

It has been a tough journey in learning since we started the collaboration in the summer of 2020, where for every new thing that was implemented in my ever-growing toolbox and mind, I also had to meet myself at the door. Because it’s absolutely needed to use what you learn on yourself too, right?

I learned about how to take better care of myself, also lots of news about communication and interaction. Business-wise, I studied more about leadership, sales and company growth, and how to find the real purpose and passion of the business you are in.
It was needed because even though the way I led in my former work created results, there was also a lot of fear and uncertainty among the employees. This was tough to realize, but a necessary learning.
Already after the first weeks, I had changed a lot of the way I communicated and could give advice and guidance in a better way. My health and shape got better and the personal development has given me an extensive change.

Maybe even more so, to those around me

Now after almost a year of active studies, 20 books read and countless conversations with Hågen, I am again full of energy, courage and optimism, and ready to start my new life and career.

This is an investment in a process I really recommend!< And, last but not least.. even if the studies were hard and intesive, i learned more about how to make the most out of my time, resulting in time also to do what i like best. Riding around in Thailand on my motorbike... 😉

Check out Hågen Haugrønningen on your way to YOUR success: https://purpleoak.no/