What is exploring? And how do you explore Thailand on your motorbike?

Article by: Tom Stenshavn

This is a discussion that many are involved in, and many are saying that going on their own is really exploring, while a lot is saying that going on a commercial tour with a company and other people are the best way of exploring.

I think they are both right, but in different contexts. Let me explain my thoughts about the subject:

Exploring is to find things unseen before along your way. If you can find that, and are happy with other people has seen what you are about to see before, then there is no need to explore alone.

Finding places and hidden gems by yourself, can be a great exploration, but it is also very difficult. There are roads hidden on the maps, some of the roads on the map ends in nothing and some of the scenery you will find will definitely disappoint you. Until you find that ONE that really is the greatest and it weighs over all the other not so good ones. You can be in danger of an accident without getting help, and you can also get other problems along the away that no one can help you with.

If you join a commercial tour with a tour company, you will not only get the feeling of riding together as a group (a great scenery by itself), but you will automatically meet people with the same interests as you, and you will definitely get new friends. Some of them for life.

You will always have someone to guide your way, give you advice and help you if you are in need. In addition, you don`t need to do all the work. It has been done beforehand, so you only need to concentrate on your riding and enjoy. A much easier option than doing the exploring yourself.

I am not a tour operator, and I ride with both operators and friends, but there is a lot of great tour operators out there. But choose carefully who you go with. Here is my opinion on how the greatest ones should be and who you should buy from.


My opinion is that…

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”

Why do I do what I do? I am most passionate about two things these days. Firstly, I am passionate about assisting people in improving their businesses in Thailand, as this often creates problems that are unforeseen. There is loads of cultural and legal differences that are often not combined with the western common sense and way of thinking.

I learned this from doing business and working here for 20 years.

The second thing I am passionate about is riding my motorcycle in Thailand. I started riding around the country already in 2003, and after more than 230.000 KM, I still believe that Thailand is one of the best countries in the world to ride. Many people I know have been riding around in many parts of the world and ended up saying the same. Which is … Thailand is amazing!

When it comes to riding, I always love to ride with people that go to places of my choice in Thailand for the first time.

There are few things that gives me more pleasure than seeing people benefit from my assistance. The spark in their eyes when they see some of Thailands enormous sceneries for the first time, or the expression on their face when they taste the delicious fresh food made by the many local kitchens roadside when we have a break.

I totally love to see the excitement and joy the things we experience on our tours show on their faces and to hear the devotion and excitement when they are talking about their day at the destination each day. 

I love it when it comes to open a new business or grow their business further too. And the best part is that I always learn something new. I feel so blessed that this is actually my job!

Life is an endless school of learning, and learning new things and meeting new great people is a real passion for me.

This is WHY I do what I do, and this is also why I LOVE doing what I do today.